About US

Operating Fiscal Strategy (OFS) was established in the 1980’s as a finance brokerage with a focus on automotive and consumers finance products.

OFS soon became a significant broker for the automotive industry in NSW acting on behalf of some of the major automotive financiers, importers and distributors in the country.

In time an extensive network of Finance Brokers were introducing clients to OFS

This network of introducing brokers gave OFS the opportunity to extended their services and increase the number of accreditations with additional Finance Institutions.

By the mid 90’s OFS had an extensive network of independent Finance Brokers completing settlements for Automotive, Consumers goods, mining, machinery, farm equipment, office and IT Equipment.
During the same period the Company had extended its services to residential and non residential real estate.

From the mid 90’s through to the new millennium OFS further extended the range of service offered to its clients to include Loan Book Building and Securitization of loan books.

During the same period OFS built a reputation for advising, implementing the advice & restructuring Corporate strategies including borrowings and financing which saw many of their clients through the difficult financial times of the recent past.

Today OFS offers itself as a boutique Corporate Financial Advisors capable of advising clients of the most effective structures to fund and finance their companies.

OFS will advise and assist in the development of proposals for financing and introduce their clients to the most appropriate Finance provider.

  • The Key Success Factosr for Operating Fiscal Strategies are
  •  Integrity.
  • Advisory Skill Set
  • Flexible Implementation of “the Plan”

The Company is trusted by its Client’s, The Network of Brokers, and the Finance Companies which settle the Contracts.

You are cordially invited to contact us to discuss your own business requirements in complete confidence and without obligation.