OFS can arrange all forms of automotive supply:

1. Finance: (click here for our Credit Guides)
2. Vehicle Source and supply:

Wholesale, Fleet, Retail and the Financing of all classes.
The automotive asset class finance requires relationships (that OFSPL holds) with all the major banks, retail finance companies and fleet finance specialists.
OFSPL can also place investment wholesale funds with these and other companies for the building of general or specific types of loan books
Loan book building is a very profitable investment which enables the investor to spread the risk over various categories and in a ratio to suit the investor’s portfolio.
The categories of loan books which can be financed and built include:

• Wholesale automotive loans – Bailment, floor plan, capital loans.
• Fleet Funding – Master lease, CHP, Asset Purchase & Capital Loans.
• Real Estate Securities
• Mortgage Backed Securities Investments
• Consumer household goods
• Farm Equipment & Machinery
• Office Equipment
• Light and heavy machinery
• Manufacturing machinery

Each book comes with a different risk profile and a commensurate profit return.

Books of all sizes can be built and filled within time frames which suit the client.

[Books can be sold if need be]

OFS have the knowledge and experience to assist in the establishment of the loan book(s) best suited to the client’s needs