Management Consultancy

The OFS Corporate Profit Consultancy are specialists in identifying the Key Drivers and Elements of a companies profit.

Business’s drive prices as high as they think they can and reduce costs on an “Ad Hoc” basis.

This may not the best way, or the optimal order to achieve a long term profitable position for that business.

To improve profits a Company must know which expense items drive profits and how & why these items impact net profit.

Profits are not just Sale price of goods and services less expenses.

Push up the sale price (pricing model) and the risk is the loss of business.

Reduce costs across the business and the risk is the loss of business.

To improve Profit a Company must clearly know why sales happen.

Better trained sales people may be able to improve gross sales more than an increase in advertising.

OFS will provide a profit analysis report which will identify the key sections of the business which when focused on will improve real long term profit.

Improving Profit Growth and Sustainability is a specialty of OFS.

We will identify a few key elements of the business for management to focus on which will show immediate improvements in the bottom line performance of the enterprise.

Using proprietor forensic financial analysis software and Business Management Tools OFS will report on the current pricing policies in the market place with recommendations for any changes that could be made to improve profit.

OFS will study the structure of the expenses of the business with a few to reducing cost which don’t effect sales and reviewing costs which go to sales to ensure funds committed to sales are spent the most effective way.

The OFS Profit Improvement Action Plan is a quick and affordable way to increase profits.