Property Portfolio’s.

OFS assists clients building significant Property portfolios.

OFS assist in the acquisition and funding of properties owned by Developers and Builders in financial difficulties.

OFS’s has relationships with Bankers and Insolvency Professionals looking to dispose of properties on behalf of distressed companies near to or in liquidation
The categories of properties commonly available include;

• Small scale industrial units
• Industrial developments
• Retail shop developments
• Mixed residential commercial

OFS’s network of professional property advisors is available to plan and supervise the finalization of these projects.

These advisors have the experience and expertise to choose the very best contractors as required for completing any outstanding work.

Investments in this category of property development achieve the highest profit margins.

The acquisition and funding of distressed properties including partially completed projects.

OFS introduces clients to Liquidators and other mortgagees in procession with a view to facilitate the sale of the properties.